Venezuelans helping Venezuelans


We are a local, private, non-profit, NGO, 501(c)3 foundation created by Venezuelans to help Venezuelans.

Established in 2017, formally registered in 2021.

Casa Venezuela Dallas


In case you didn’t know.

As of October 2021, a combination of violence, insecurity and a lack of food, medicine and other services in Venezuela had forced more than 5.9 million people to flee the country, creating one of the largest displacement crises in the world.

The Organization of American States warns that the Number of Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants could rise to 7 million in 2022. They reported that 2020 concluded with a total of 5.9 million Venezuelans exiled.

Casa Venezuela Dallas


To foster and mentor recently arrived distressed and displaced Venezuelan diaspora to successfully integrate into the DFW community.


A thriving DFW community of fellow Venezuelans successfully integrated, while still deeply and proudly connected with our roots.

Casa Venezuela Dallas


There are not bureaucracies here. Just hard-working fellow countrymen and women, committed and vested in helping those in need. Taking responsibility for our country’s reputation. We are lending a hand to our brothers and sisters, acting as role models, while becoming their lamp, ladder and lifesaver.

Our founding members and active board members are:

  • Max Lefeld
  • Johana Linares
  • Carolina Pereira
  • Lirys Stoja
  • Douglas Guerrero
Casa Venezuela Dallas


There are two choices.

Help them succeed or watch them fail.

We choose the first one, what about you?

Casa Venezuela Dallas